"WADOU-KAICHIN" is a name of first coinage in Japan and was born in AD 708.
Also now, "WADOU-KAICHIN" is a name of a instrumental-band of Japan.
・yuichi ujiie
We are expressing original world with music which made from Rock, Pops, Traditional Japanese, etc..
We are using Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Drums, Cajon, and "the world's first Japanese Taiko" which developed for us.
"Spring Haze - Harugasumi-"
The haze at spring in Japan called "Harugasumi" means Haru = spring, Kasumi (Gasumi) = haze.
This song expresses beautiful changing of seasons from winter to spring in Japan.
This song was recorded at the studio which is traditional Japanese house built for over 100 years.
Please enjoy the sound of the studio made by old woods.
* Acoustic guitar was recorded at the entrance of the studio
( There is the section that crow talking in it. Try to search it!!)
This movie has recorded by 4K-quality.
It expresses beauty of Japanese, flowers, blossoms -SAKURA-, snow, by the idea of "WADOU-KAICHIN" members with technique of the cameraman.
( There is a miraculous movie recorded full flower of "SAKURA" with snow at last section )
* There are different arranges between YOUTUBE version and Download version. We hope that you enjoy both version!
We wish that you enjoy the world of the "WADOU-KAICHIN" by the music and the movie!